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Highest growth jobs cross several industries

If you are considering a career transition, additional education or certifications, or a new path for your professional life you should understand what the projected highest growth jobs are.  According to the latest issue of HR Magazine from SHRM, the jobs that are expected to have the greatest growth by 2026 have a wide range of education and/or certification requirements.  Here they are in order based on the greatest number of new jobs:

  • Home health and professional care aides
  • Waiters, food service workers and cooks
  • Registered nurses
  • Software developers
  • Janitors and cleaners

So before you determine next steps for your career, check out these positions and whether they could be a fit for your future.

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Management skills you need for future success

Whether you are currently a manager or aspire to be one, the World Economic Forum has done the research across a wide range of industries to help you plan now for tomorrow's skills.  Creating a plan now to identify your current abilities in these areas will assist you in finding ways to build skills that are gaps you need to focus on filling.

  • People management
  • Coordination
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Strategic thinking
  • Executive presentation
  • Project management
  • Analytical skills
  • Understanding the impact of AI
  • Leadership ability
  • Change management
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