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Do you have the skills needed in the future workplace?

Late last year the Future Workplace research group - heads of human resources and corporate learning departments in Fortune 1000 companies identified the top skills workers will need to be successful for the future growth of their careers.  Not unlike the NACE Job Outlook Survey that is conducted each year - polling employers who recruit for entry-level careers at the nation's colleges and universities - this list is top heavy with soft skills that will be important for employees to have and develop.  Here are the top ten:

1.       Complex problem-solving

2.       Critical thinking

3.       Creativity

4.       People management

5.       Coordination - (think collaboration/teamwork)

6.       Emotional intelligence

7.       Service orientation (commitment to community/volunteering)

8.       Judgment

9.       Negotiation

10.   Cognitive flexibility

Further down the list are higher level skills - typically those necessary for successful paths in managing projects and/or people, and skills related directly to technology.

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