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Frequently Asked Questions...

Why do I need Successful Impressions if I am using the Career Services department at my school?

We take the career search and interview process to the next level. Any assistance from a career services department can be complemented by personalized contact through Successful Impressions. Career services departments may not offer the level of coaching and one-on-one personal contact available as a client of Successful Impressions.

Why cant I just use an occupational recruiter to assist me in my career search?

Typically occupational recruiters do not work with college students even after graduation. These professionals tend to require at least 1-2 years of experience post-graduation in the field the person is interested in working in order to consider someone as a client.

What experience do the people of Successful Impressions have?

We have people with experience in consulting to career services departments, sales, marketing, management, teaching, event planning, legal, and medical professions. Regardless of the specialty an individual would like to pursue, Successful Impressions has contacts to gain the best information in assisting you to obtain a career opportunity that meets your needs.


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