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Why Networking Is Still Important in Job Search

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal highlighted multiple examples of companies hiring candidates who leveraged a personal connection to secure their new career opportunity.  In this age of using AI in job search for resumes, applications, cover and follow up letters, you may think that you can ‘tech your way through it’.  The reality is nothing compares to having an internal (or external) contact to vouch for your qualifications – so what steps should you go through to network during this process?

·        Identify your target employers and follow them on social media. This will keep you informed of their latest activities and will also show them during the screening process that you are interested in the organization.

·        Fully maximize your LinkedIn profile.  Double check that every area is thorough and reach out to your current network for Recommendations on specific skills that your targeted employers will be looking for.

·        Determine who in your current network works at the employers you want to hire you.  Reach out to these people via social media or email and ask to talk to them about the company, possible openings, their career path and how you can best improve your chances as a candidate.

·        Add people to your online network every week, but be strategic.  Rank your company preferences and look for second level connections at the highest ones first.  Reaching out to the CEO of Google as a 3rd level Connection probably won’t work out.

·        Notify your friends and family that you are searching.  You never know ‘who knows a guy, who knows another guy’… Don’t miss out on a networking opportunity because you don’t take the time to let people know you are available to make a move.

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