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Resume Posting - Securing Part-time Positions/Internships

How can a student increase their chances to get a part-time position or internship?  After preparing the resume, the second step is for them to know the most effective way to post/submit their resume.  

Once a student has taken the time to create a dynamic resume that accurately describes the skills that they can offer a prospective employer, the next step is to find places to ‘post’ the resume and submit for positions. 

  • Check listings for employers coming to campus for interviews at Career Fairs or scheduled appointments each week.
  • Every student should post a resume on the Career Services web link!  Employers will search for students who have skills they need in their organization.

Submit for any prospective employers that you are interested in working for, even if the position may not be an exact fit – another position may open up and then you have met the management.

Attend all Career Fairs to see if interviewers are searching for positions that apply to your skills and academic focus.

Submit for any potential opportunities regardless of internship or part-time employment.  You can talk about details once you have an interview.  

  • Internships are work experience!  Employers evaluating candidates for post-graduation employment value internships as highly as part-time employment.

Call the company to determine a personal contact in the department you want to work for and then send your resume with a cover letter to that person. 

Check out the next in this series for tips on follow up after posting a resume.  For additional information and resources on career skills for students or graduates, please go to or

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Securing Part-time Positions/Internships - Your Resume

How can I increase my chances to securing a part-time position or internship?  The first step is to create a powerful resume.  

Part-time positions or internships are practical ways for high school, college students and recent graduates to learn about different companies, industries, or potential careers.  With the current competitiveness of the job market, there are some easy ways students can put themselves ahead of the competition.  First step is to have an impactful resume that accurately and specifically describes what skills the candidate can bring to the company.  Here are some easy ‘to do’s’ and ‘not to do’s’ for writing a resume that will help get you to the first interview:

To Do:

  • Put information about recognition, awards, language and technology skills to show the employer how you can provide value to the organization. 
  • Create an easily readable resume - be conscious of font size and over-formatting.
  • List any special training and skills that are included in the description of the position in bullet point format under the areas you received them.
  • Provide business appropriate contact information and an impactful objective statement or professional summary which includes the company name and job title.
  • Show how your leadership skills are/were used in school, volunteer, and organizational activities and groups.

Not To Do:

  • Forget that your first page is the most important - include the most relevant data to the employer on that page.
  • Think about your resume as anything but a business document - don't add unnecessary lines or other objects that could distract from the content.
  • Include licenses, certifications, or other content that is not going to increase your chances to secure an interview with the employer.
  • Use paragraphs to list job responsibilities instead of bullet points with specifics and results.
  • List vague descriptions of skills in one section - separate these out and develop strong bullet points with measurable values to show the impact you will have in the job you are applying for.

For additional information and resources on resumes for students or graduates, please go to

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